Fresco room


Winter garden


Conference room





The Budavári Mátyás Restaurant is in the center of the Buda Castle district, in the neighbourhood of Mátyás templom (Matthias Church) and Hilton Hotel.

It is the perfect place for those searching for an extraordinary dinner at an extraordinary place. We offer our guests the best dishes of the excellent Hungarian cuisine. Our aim is to unfold the unspoilt possibilities and novelties of Hungarian dishes and the traditional dishes as well.

Fresco room
Elegant room with wainscot wall and separated tables for undisturbed privacy. Each table available for 3-7 people.
Capacity of the room: 56 people

Winter garden/ Cosy garden private room
This private room of the restaurant offers undisturbed hours for our guests and is open always during the year.
Capacity of the room: 100 people

The terrace of the Winter garden is open only during the summer.

Our other seasonal offer is a street terrace - available only in summer - 30 metres from Matthias Church providing breathtaking panorama during the meals.

Why Budavári Mátyás Restaurant?
- 25 years of experience
- well- trained and gentle staff
- tarnished atmosphere
- easy accessibilty and magical environment
- traditional Hungarian cuisine
- quality and fresh ingridients
- modern technology
- complex service