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Budavári Mátyás Restaurant and Event Centre is in the so called Fortuna House which has an exceptionally rich heritage. Back in the renessaince three palaces stood int he place of today’s restaurants. These were the possessions of aristocrtas from the court of King Matthias.

The palace under no.4 Hess Andras street, was the property of a renessaince traveller, Laszlo Karai. During one of his journeys this decent man met a typographer of German descant, called Andrew Hess. In the spring of 1471 the two men went back to Hungary together and int he same year they established the first print of Hungary that used the technique of John Guttenberg. And this print was founded within the walls of the palace of Mr. Karai.

Andras Hess published the first there printed book 2 years later, at Pentecost, 1473. That was the Chronica Hungarorum, that is, in other words the Hungarian Chronicles.

The three buildings with their original architectural elements have kept the renessaince atmosphere of th 15th century. Fort he reason our guests experience a special travel in times during their meal spent at Budavari Matyas Restaurant.